Before taking off for its sixth flight from Chongqing (ZUCK) in the People's Republic of China, to Nanjing (ZSNJ) in the People's Republic of China, the Solar Impulse team will prepare the aircraft and pilot.

These two important Chinese cities give Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg the opportunity to reach out to universities and schools to spread the message about clean technologies.





The opening of the Chandon Winery in Ningxia is another significant milestone in MoëtHennessy’s continued efforts to help develop wine in China. This is also another sign of the company’s commitment to China.

Chandon China was founded in 2013 in the Chinese province of Ningxia which is recognized as a premium grape-growing region. The region's exceptional climatic, environmental and geological conditions convinced a team of international experts to establish the estate in this protected terroir. The area is ideal for growing Chardonnay and Pinot noir, two varieties that are essential for creating sparkling wines using the classic “méthode traditionnelle” style.

© Chandon China © Chandon China
© Chandon China © Chandon China
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© Chandon China © Chandon China

67 hectares were selected by MoëtHennessy Estates and Wines as the perfect place to cultivate the Chandon vineyard. Located at the foothills of Helan Mountain, the winery covers an area of 6,300 m2. It has not only cellars and vinification rooms, but also a welcome center for visitors, a tasting area and a restaurant. The wish of the architect was to create a space with a modern aesthetic. The horizontal lines evoke the flat and arid land at the foot of the mountain. The red color of the interior is inspired by the shades of wine and by Chinese culture.

Due to the area's topography, the cellars were built at ground level rather than underground. They were then covered with earth in order to achieve the ideal conditions for wine fermentation and maturation.

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